Where do you get the quotes and words from?

I write all of the words myself!  I write messages and notes to empower, inspire and support you.


Do you ship worldwide?

At this stage we only ship to New Zealand and Australia but are reviewing options to post to other countries.


Do you print other sizes?

We currently only print in A4 and A5 size options.


Can I see the prints in real-life before purchase?

We have a number of stockists and are at various markets around Auckland.  Please check for stockists here and keep an eye on the Instagram page for the latest market dates.


Do you do wholesale?

Yes I do!  Please email me at wilderoadhello@gmail.com and I will send you through the order form and pricing.  


I want to do a bulk order, do you do special pricing?

Yes I do!  Please email me at wilderoadhello@gmail.com with your enquiry and I will send you through the pricing options.  I have sold prints to be included in goody bags, gift boxes, delivered to special clients and more. 


What is the difference in the two paper options?

Across the top of this image is a standard white paper for reference.  The middle image is the recycled paper, it has a lovely natural tone to the colour.  The lowest image is the white stock which has a gorgeous textured effect.